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What is SUA Foundation?
SUA foundation is a learning institute for children with special needs. The co-president of this foundation, Mrs.Achini Sooriarachchi Silva holds a degree in Social Work from the National Institute for Social Development, she has also a post graduate diploma in special need education at the open university of Sri Lanka. Her experience in this field is in excess of seven years. The Management is performed by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members, all of whom are professionals.

Every child in the foundation enjoys free education. In addition, there are some free awareness programs coordinated by SUA Foundation, i.e. community officers training programs, parent’s awareness programs. We are also planning to start a free livelihood program for people with special needs.

As SUA foundation is a registered charity with the local government. Our audited accounts are submitted annually to the said authority.

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Target Group

Direct Target Group
Children With Special Need Education

Slow learners
Development delay
Learning difficulties
Behavioural Problems
Attention deficit syndrome
Down Syndrome
Speech and language difficulties

Indirect Target Group

Our Mission

We are planing to?
Provide free education for children with special needs (Years 3-18)
To start livelihood programs for people with special need (above 18)
Establish a sensory room for children with special need
To start playground for children with special needs
To start sponsorship program for children with special needs

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